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This great new book about the health benefits of silver as an antimicrobial covers a variety of topics including chapters on how silver can help in a medical crisis, how it can be used in specific situations and why everyone travelling abroad should have silver in their suitcase. It is a brief book with only 90 pages that introduces the reader to the benefits of silver from a medical perspective by two doctors. The primary author is Dr. Gordon Pedersen, the Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute. He is joined by Dr. Bryan Frank for a chapter on International missions and travel medicine.

These two well respected doctors have come together to give readers a concrete look at the health benefits of silver, and its practical applications in our everyday lives, not as a financial asset or jewelry, but as a means of improving health.

This exciting book is a great idea for people looking to expand their knowledge of this precious metal, and look at a topic that doesn't get very much press time.

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