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Product Details


Purchase a $500 face-value bag of United States circulation 90% pure silver coins at the lowest price available online!

Although the bag that you purchase will contain $500 of legal tender coins, each coin that is purchased will contain 90% of pure silver in nickels, dimes, quarters, and half-dollars. This translates to 357.5 ounces of pure silver, regardless of the denomination of the coin guaranteed by the United States Mint.

Each bag will contain various denominations, providing you with the power to further delineate each bag into smaller bags of like-denominations, to sell or keep as you wish. The $500 dollar face value bag is easier to store and transport, due to the fact that they can be broken down so easily.

Face value bags are an excellent way to diversify your holdings in a convenient, and affordable way. Add a $500 Face Value Bag to your cart today!

This item may ship in a branded Silver Gold Bull bullion bag based on availability.

Lightly Used
United States
U.S. Mint
USD 500
357.5 oz