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Product Details


These vintage bars haven't been produced since the 1980s!

Since the development of the physical silver investment market in the early 1970s, Engelhard 50 oz 999 fine silver bars have been among the more popular silver bars because Engelhard Mint was a major player in the precious metals industry.


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 50 oz of 999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Features the Engelhard logo, a unique serial number, along with inscriptions indicating the metal weight and purity

As demand grew, Engelhard went to an extrusion process, which lowered manufacturing costs. The unique 50 oz weight of this bar makes it an excellent pick for both investors and collectors alike.

The bar you receive may look different than the bar pictured, but it is guaranteed to be a 50 oz Vintage Engelhard silver bar.


Cast silver bars are characterized by having a more natural raw metal appearance and distinct details unique to each bar. Despite the rustic appearance, the metal content and purity of the bar remain the same and do not impact the metal value in any way. The process behind manufacturing cast silver bars involves pouring molten silver into a pre-made mould and they are typically stamped with inscriptions or designs on at least one of the faces (reverse or obverse) after it has cooled down.

These are vintage items and may be tarnished or may have been visibly handled. Actual bar design may vary

Lightly Used
United States
50 oz