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Diversify your portfolio with a 5 oz 2019 Armenian Noah’s Ark Silver coin today!

One of the most beloved bullion and highly esteemed coins on the market has been produced by Leipziger edelmetallverarbeitung (GmbH) in conjunction with the Nation of Armenia. The Armenian ark coin pays homage to the timeless story of Noah’s ark, as it celebrates Armenia’s importance to the tale in exquisite detail.

Imposed on the reverse side is Mount Ararat, the site that is widely accepted to be the final resting spot of Noah’s ark is portrayed. Radial lines and skilful engraving are utilized to enhance the beautiful depiction on the reverse. The ark floats atop of water with a sun rise in the background as a dove bearing an olive branch features in the foreground.

On the obverse, an eagle, representative of the Artashesian dynasty stands on one side of the shield while a lion, symbolic of the Bagratuni and Rubenid dynasty upholds the other. The middle of the shield bears a depiction of Mount Ararat. The coat of arms is encircled by Armenian writing, along with the denominational value, and its purity

This liquid asset is sure to be a quick seller, due to its flawless design, and 999 pure silver content. Add a few of these brilliant 5 oz 2019 Armenian Noah’s Ark Silver coins to your cart today!

Brilliant Uncirculated
AMD 1000
Reverse: Eduard Kurghinyan
Noah's Ark - Depiction of a dove carrying an olive branch in front of the Ark in flood waters, with the Mount Ararat and sun in the back.
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Armenia - Republic of Armenia - 1000 DRAM - 5 oz Ag 999 - LEV hallmark (Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung (Leipzig Precious Metals Factory)
5 oz