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A great option for anyone looking for the lowest price on precious metals and diversifying their collection. If you are looking for value and a specific design isn't a concern, this may be the best option available. We randomly select a 3/4 oz silver round from our vast collection of items crafted at the most trusted mints in the world. Rounds will be chosen at our discretion and are different from the items displayed on the image.


  • Ships individually in a protective plastic
  • Consisting of 3/4 oz of 999+ Fine Silver

Items received may be a variety of designs, or all identical and may be in perfect condition or exhibit tarnish, scratching, or other imperfections. Metal weight and purity are guaranteed.


Silver rounds are generally produced by private mints or refineries and do not hold a legal tender value guaranteed by a financial authority or central bank. As a result, the costs of producing silver rounds are not as high as bullion coins, thus offering a lower premium over the spot price.

This product may come as an assortment, or a batch of one single item. You may receive a product not shown on the image, but individual weight and purity are guaranteed.

Not Available
Lightly Used
3/4 oz