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This is one of only two specimen sets released annually by the Royal Canadian Mint. This set includes an uncirculated example of all current Canadian circulation coins. The "loonie" in this set is unique and only available as a part of this set.

The reverse of the one dollar coin features a Blue Jay perched upon a tree branch with it's back facing us to display it's full tail plumage. The Blue Jay is considered an intelligent bird, and it's head is turned to the right in curiosity which allows us to view it's features and the crest of feathers on it's head.

This specimen set has a limited mintage of 30,000, and is a great item to collect or to introduce someone to the world of collecting coins.

This specimen set is held in a book-style case with a serialized certificate. It also includes a removable lens for viewing the set.

Brilliant Uncirculated
Royal Canadian Mint
CAD 2, CAD 1, CAD 0.50, CAD 0.25, CAD 0.10, CAD 0.05
(Specimen Dollar): Susanna Blunt (Obverse), Edward Spera (Reverse)
(Specimen Dollar): The words "Elizabeth II D.G. Regina" and the Susanna Blunt Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II
(Specimen Dollar): Blue Jay sitting on a branch with it's head turned to the right and the words "Canada 2015 Dollar" and the artist's initials
1 oz
28.03, 26.5, 27.13, 23.88, 18.06, 21.2