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Purchase your 2 oz Silver Bug Rhinoceros Beetle high relief silver round from our online shop for the lowest price on the web. Reddit's thriving Silverbug community of online silver-addicts inspired the Silver Bug series, of which this round forms the 3rd part.

The obverse Feature is yet another one of the insect world's better known beetles, the Rhinoceros Beetle, executed in crisp, 3D relief, against a light catching field of star burst radial line design. Within a wide outer border with its own dot textured field, the humorous slogans, 'All Hail The Silver Bug' and 'In Silver We Trust.'

The reverse is home to the Intaglio Mint's stately and striking logo, which depicts a stylized stone column set against a map of the globe. This feature lies upon a smaller version of the reverse star burst field, also with the stipened, dot textured outer border, which has details of weight, content and purity within it.

Dynastinae, the Rhinoceros beetle, actually falls within the Scarab family of beetles, growing up to 15cm, they are able to lift in excess of 850 times their own weight. Quench your silver lust and fortify your holdings by partaking of the 2 oz Silver Bug Rhinoceros Beetle high relief silver round today.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
Mark Bogani
The Rhinoceros Beetle powerfully posed to display all ihe powerful characteristics of the Rhinoceros Beetle.
The Intaglio mint logo framed by the rounds weight and purity.
2 oz