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Purchase your 2 oz Privateer Collection Davy Jones Locker ultra high relief silver round for the lowest price from our online store. The Elemetal Privateer Collection, of which this round is the 7th edition, has become highly coveted, thanks to high relief designs which have made each round a 3D artwork in its own right.

The reverse of this macabre round bears a relief expression of an idiom whose origins have been lost in the seas of time; 'Davy Jones' Locker,' another name for the sea bed to which the remains of many an unlucky sailor have fallen, comes to frightful life with a human skull and rib bones, the customary treasure chest, a shipwreck and, of course, sharks circling in a watery field. This eerie scene is unmarred by title or inscription and graces the reverse alone in high relief glory.

The obverse bares the same design on all rounds in this dazzling series, the pirate motto of “No Prey, No Pay,” reinforced by the menacing image of a human skull fixed to a ship's wheel. Also on the obverse, the round's weight, metal content and purity.

The euphemistic use of the term 'Davy Jones' locker can be traced back to writings from the early 1700's, although such writings do hint at the fact that this obscure reference had been in use amongst superstitious seafarers for a long time prior to that. Take home the striking finale in this celebrated series and expand your portfolio with a 2 oz Privateer Collection Davy Jones Locker ultra high relief silver round today!


Elemetal Mint was created in 2015 by the joint forces of Provident Metals, NTR Metals and Ohio Precious Metals and is now the largest private mint in the United States. Elemetal Mint specializes in producing both gold and silver bullion. It became famous for its innovative and outstanding silver bars and rounds and its recycling and environmentally friendly production approach. For example, the company's unique Snap Bullion silver bars feature pre-cut lines on their surfaces that allow you to break apart bulk sizes of silver bars without damaging their original packaging.

In multiples of 10 this round will ship in a plastic tube.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
A skull centred in a ship's wheel with a tattered flag in the background and the words "No Prey No Pay 2 oz Fine Silver 999"
A depiction of Davy Jones Locker.
2 oz
40.70 x 40.7 x 6.87