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The Morgan dollar was created in response to the passage of the Bland-Allison Act of 1878. After the five year depression following the Panic of 1873, so-called "Silverites" proposed a bimetallic standard that would see silver coined into dollars at the former gold/silver ratio of 16:1. The Silverites felt that this act would help to re-inflate the dollar after the Panic of 1873.

George T. Morgan, an assistant engraver at the Philidelphia Mint produced the winning design for the dollar, hence it is referred to by his name. Anna Willess Williams modeled for Morgan as Lady Liberty. He said that her profile was the most perfect he had ever seen.

The Morgan silver dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904, with a one year return to production in 1921. The Morgan dollars were produced with ninety percent silver and ten precent copper in order to conform with the coinage act of 1837. In 1962 a silver certificate was partially redeemed for an uncirculated Morgan dollar, which set off a firestorm of interest in redeeming silver certificates to the US Treasury. Demand was huge, with some in lines pushing wheelbarrows. Several million uncirculated Morgan and Peace dollars were eventually discovered in vaults and sold off to the public.

The 1921 Morgan dollars required George Morgan to create new master dies as the old dies had been destroyed in 1910. The Morgan dollar was produced for only one year before it was replaced by the Peace dollar.

These 1921 Morgan dollars are above-average circulated coins, rated as extra fine. They typically have only the slightest wear on the very highest points of the coin. All details are relatively sharp and all design elements are well defined. Some traces of mint luster may still exist. We have limited numbers of these available.

Lightly Used
United States
U.S. Mint
Obverse: George T. Morgan
Left facing profile of Lady Liberty and the words "E Pluribus Unum" and the year
Bald eagle with wings spread clutching an olive branch and several arrows and the words "United States of America In God We Trust One Dollar"
0.7734 oz