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These beautifully made Ten Commandment tablets will be the pride of any collection. Using deep lettering and tapered sides with a barrel vault design top they are the same shape as the Mesha or Moabite Stone dating back to approx 853 BC which is believed by many to be the most authentic shape for the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Both sides of both tablets are written on so as to agree with ancient Hebrew texts that state the writing was "inscribed from both sides". Each tablet is made from 999 pure silver and weighs 150 troy ounce (approx 4.7 kilograms) which is roughly equivalent to 400 shekels of silver. To put the weight into perspective, 400 shekels was the weight of silver Abraham used to buy the burial site and surrounding field for his wife Sarah.

The tablets come in a large jewelry style box with custom made inserts to hold them firmly in place. This a beautiful way to not only store wealth, but remember the full text or "Long form" Commandments with a translation that is as faithful as possible to the old Hebrew understanding. Own this work of art today!

There is some break in the luster on both bars.

Some Tarnish
United States
Dan El
The Ten Commandments in long form listed on two tablets
300 oz
141.65 mm W x 257.17 mm H