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This year, the Chinese Mint brings back the Chinese Gold Panda series, in endearing form, with this 15 g 2019 Chinese Panda gold coin. The reverse feature, which changes with each fresh edition, depicts an enchanting Chinese Panda and her tiny, adorable offspring.

The coin’s reverse imagery is set in an atmospheric field of tall, snow capped mountain peaks and as previously mentioned, an adorable mother and cub scene. Details of the coin’s metal content, purity and weight are also to be seen on the reverse, as is the coin’s 200 Yuan denomination value.

The obverse feature is a skilful artist’s render of one of Beijing’s most prominent religious landmarks, the Harvest Temple where, patrons observe a custom of a trine of prayer driven sacrifices, in the hope of bountiful harvest. Also visible on the coin’s reverse is a wide, largely unadorned border, which houses the Chinese people’s Republic legend, shown in Mandarin characters, along with 2019 the year of issue.

China, proud bearers of the Giant Chinese Panda symbol as nation animal, are engaged full force in the conservation of the species’ heavily threatened bamboo habitats, which have been nearly decimated by the relentless scourge of global warming’s effect. Support this benevolent and beautiful national treasure by enriching your holdings with a 15 g 2019 Chinese Panda gold coin.

Brilliant Uncirculated
Shenzhen Guobao Mint
CNY 200
The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (The Temple of Heaven), Beijing with the words "People's Republic of China 2019" in Chinese
A Panda bear embracing her young.
15 grams