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Product Details


These cast-poured Engelhard silver bars are a must-have for any serious investor. This bar has ripples, dips and various character marks acquired through the decades, giving it a real presence. So secure yours for your holdings today!


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 100 oz of 999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Features the Engelhard logo, along with the metal weight and purity
  • Reverse: Features a cast-poured blank silver field

Engelhard precious metals products have achieved a 'legacy status' among investors and collectors worldwide. First, Engelhard made a ton of varieties and limited runs for their bars ranging in size, font, and whether they were poured or cast. Second, their collectability has separated them from the price of silver.

Today many investors request only Engelhard bars for their collections.


Initially founded in New Jersey by Charles W. Engelhard in 1903 as American Platinum Works, the Engelhard company quickly became one of the world's most recognized producers and fabricators of platinum, gold, and silver bullion. Acquired in 2006 by BASF and no longer in the precious metals industry, their products acquired a legacy status being collected and traded in volume by investors worldwide. Engelhard is among the most highly respected names in the precious metals industry, causing many investors to ask for only Engelhard bars.

These are vintage items and may be tarnished or may have been visibly handled

Lightly Used
Secondary Market
United States
100 oz