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The Silver Pegasus round is one of the most unique and beautiful privately minted rounds available. It's value is highly competitive and it's meaning is inspiring. A Pegasus was often seen as a friend of the gods and demi-gods, Hercules having been often portrayed with one. A Pegasus was an interesting combination, with the wild and powerful nature of a horse, but the wings and freedom of a bird. Through flight, the Pegasus symbolized the ability of one to transcend earthly troubles and burdens and overcome them. The Pegasus is viewed as a symbol of knowledge, inspiration and justice.

The obverse features a Pegasus in full flight. It is depicted in flight as it rises above the clouds with the rays of the sun in the background. The scene is surrounded by the word "Freedom", which is fitting, given the image evoked by the Pegasus. It is interesting to note also that the rays of the sun resemble a lightning bolt, like the kind wielded by Zeus, father of the gods.

The reverse features the Lydian Bull and Lion, a fitting homage to mankind's first true money coined in Lydia in approximately 680 BC. The bull and lion surround a crest that is divided into four quadrants, each with an image and the crest is capped by a sun, symbolizing enlightenment. Below the crest is the symbol for wealth cycles, which closes resembles the symbol for infinity, and in the scroll work is the formula revealed in the video series "Hidden Secrets of Money" by Mike Maloney. The reverse also features the inscription "Free Markets & Free People" and the words "10 Troy Ounce 999 AG"

The 10 oz Pegasus Silver Proof Round is perfect for those who love the design and message of the 1 oz Silver Pegasus Round but also want to own a beautiful, collectible, high-quality proof round. It has a mirror background and a frosted finish. Each 10 oz proof coin will come in a coin capsule to protect it from damage. This beautiful proof round makes a great gift or addition to any silver or proof collection.

We are the official Canadian distributor for the Pegasus Silver Round from

This round will come in a coin capsule in a branded, black display box.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
A Pegasus in flight above the clouds with the sun behind it surrounded by rays and the word "Freedom" and the year, "2015"
The Lydian Bull and Lion supporting a crest divided into quadrants capped by a blazing sun and the words "Free Markets & Free People 10 Troy Oz .999 AG"
10 oz