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These beautiful 10 oz proof rounds have the benefit of being struck in 999 pure silver and come encased in a large acrylic display case. These proofs are perfect for display, not only for their magnificent design but also for the top quality case. The case is held together using neodymium magnets (a rare earth element), and is easily opened and closed.

The Modern Ancients series pays homage to the invention of money, whereby gold and silver were separated and made into units of equal weight. The second silver round in the series features the Goddess Nike, who appeared on Greek coins for many centuries. Each coin in this series will bring an ancient coin back to life with stunning artwork.

The obverse features Nike, the Goddess of Victory, with her wings spread amongst the clouds. She is carrying a torch in one hand, and has a laurel wreath to award a victor in her other hand. Nike was thought to fly around battlefields, rewarding victors with glory and fame symbolized by the laurel wreath.

The reverse features the Lydian Bull and Lion, a fitting homage to mankind's first true money coined in Lydia in approximately 560 BC. The bull and lion surround a crest that is divided into four quadrants, each with an image and the crest is capped by a sun, symbolizing enlightenment. Below the crest is the symbol for wealth cycles, which closes resembles the symbol for infinity, and in the scroll work is the formula revealed in the video series "Hidden Secrets of Money" by Mike Maloney. The reverse also features the inscription "Free Markets & Free People" and the words "1 Troy Ounce 999 AG"

This round will be minted for a limited time, and then not produced again.

These rounds come encased in acrylic, fitted within a Modern Ancients branded box.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
Winged Goddess Nike holding a torch and laurel wreath and the words "Victory 2015"
The Lydian Bull and Lion supporting a crest divided into quadrants capped by a blazing sun and the words "Free Markets & Free People 1 Troy Oz .999 AG"
10 oz