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A beautiful historic design is now available at bullion round pricing!

This round is based on the design for what became known as the Morgan Dollar. George T. Morgan, an assistant engraver at the Philadelphia Mint produced the winning design for the dollar, hence it is referred to by his name. Anna Willess Williams modelled for Morgan as Lady Liberty. He said that her profile was the most perfect he had ever seen.


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 1 oz of 999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Features a depiction of the model Anna Willess Williams representing Lady Liberty, the engraved words “E. PLURIBUS UNUM”
  • Reverse: Features the engraving of a perched eagle holding arrows and an olive branch, along with the country’s name, metal type, weight, and purity

The Morgan silver dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904, with a one year return to production in 1921.

The obverse has a left-facing profile of Lady Liberty and the words "E Pluribus Unum" framed with the interlocking rim of the round which makes it easy to stack.

The reverse features a Bald Eagle with wings spread clutching an olive branch, also placed inside the intricate interlocking silver frame that makes this round both appealing to the eye and practical.


The SilverTowne Mint has become well known for producing high quality, affordable, bullion products with exceptional purity standards. SilverTowne specializes in custom minting and offers a wide range of designs. Originally starting as a small antique and coin shop, SilverTowne has grown to become one of the largest private mints in North America.

In multiples of 20 these rounds will be shipped in a plastic tube

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
Silvertowne Mint
Left facing profile of Lady Liberty and the words "E Pluribus Unum" framed in the Silvertowne interlocking rim.
Bald eagle with wings spread clutching an olive branch and several arrows and the words "United States of America One Troy oz .999 Fine Silver".
1 oz