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The Australian Platypus is a highly desirable way to gain exposure to platinum by investing in a beautifully struck coin.

The platypus is unique to Australia, and unusual in that it is the only mammal that lays eggs. Europeans originally considered the idea of an egg laying, duck billed, beaver tailed, otter-footed animal to be a hoax when early explorers first described the platypus. The male platypus is also one of the few venomous mammals.

The reverse of this coin features a platypus swimming underwater amongst aquatic plants.

Unique subject matter minted in a difficult-to-find platinum coin make this a must have investment.


The Perth Mint opened in 1899 as the British Royal Mint's 3rd branch in Australia. The historical Hay Street location handled gold refining until moving to a modern facility in April 1990. Ownership of the mint was transferred to the Government of Western Australia in July of 1970. Under an agreement with the Commonwealth Treasury, they were empowered to mint and market gold, silver, and platinum as Australian legal tender to investors and collectors worldwide. Today, they are amongst the elite world mints whose pure gold, silver, and platinum items are trusted without question. Items such as the Australian Nugget, Silver Coin Series (Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala, and Platypus to name a few), as well as the Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Coin Series are extensively sought after by bullion investors worldwide.

Lightly Used
Perth Mint
AUD 100
Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "Elizabeth II Australia 100 Dollars"
Platypus swimming underwater and the words "Australian Platypus 1 oz 9995 Platinum" along with the date
1 oz