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These one ounce rounds are a terrific value, and one of the lowest premium ways to add to your stack!

The idea of a lone prospector carries enduring appeal as one person with a dream battling the odds and Mother Nature in an attempt to secure their fortune.

The obverse of this round displays an 18th or 19th century prospector, gold pan in one hand and pick axe in the other. His trusty mule is at his side.

The reverse features a wooden table as the background of the field along with the tools of the trade for a prospector including rope, a map, a compass and a sextant.

Great value and an interesting design set this round apart from the rest, order yours today.


Elemetal Mint was created in 2015 by the joint forces of Provident Metals, NTR Metals and Ohio Precious Metals and is now the largest private mint in the United States. Elemetal Mint specializes in producing both gold and silver bullion. It became famous for its innovative and outstanding silver bars and rounds and its recycling and environmentally friendly production approach. For example, the company's unique Snap Bullion silver bars feature pre-cut lines on their surfaces that allow you to break apart bulk sizes of silver bars without damaging their original packaging.

In multiples of 20 these rounds will ship in a plastic tube.

Lightly Used
United States
Prospector beside a mule in a rocky valley and the word "Prospector"
Map, sextant, compass and rope sitting on a table and the words "One Troy Ounce 999 Fine Silver"
1 oz