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The American Legends Copper round pays tribute to the US Penny and Abraham Lincoln who is featured on it. When Abraham Lincoln was first featured on the Penny in 1909 it was a break in US minting tradition which did not feature busts or faces of historical figures. However, due to Lincoln's incredible popularity, on the 100th anniversary of his birth it was decided to make an exception. The American Legends round is a replica of the penny designed by Victor D. Brenner in 1909 (obverse), with a modification in 2010 and Lyndall Bass (reverse).

The obverse features the Victor Brenner bust of Abraham, as modified in 2010 and the words "In God We Trust Liberty 1832" and the symbol of minter, Elemetal Capital.

The reverse features the Union Shield, a kite shield with vertical stripes of alternating colours. The Words "999 Fine Copper One Ounce" are engraved on the shield and accompanying scroll and the words "American Legends" appear above.


Elemetal Mint was created in 2015 by the joint forces of Provident Metals, NTR Metals and Ohio Precious Metals and is now the largest private mint in the United States. Elemetal Mint specializes in producing both gold and silver bullion. It became famous for its innovative and outstanding silver bars and rounds and its recycling and environmentally friendly production approach. For example, the company's unique Snap Bullion silver bars feature pre-cut lines on their surfaces that allow you to break apart bulk sizes of silver bars without damaging their original packaging.

In multiples of 20 these rounds will be shipped in a clear plastic tube.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
Bust of Abraham Lincoln used on the penny and the words "In God We Trust Liberty 1832" and the Elemetal Capital symbol
The Union Shield with the words "999 Fine Copper" on it with a scroll with the words "One Ounce" on it and the words "American Legends" above it
1 oz