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This exciting new bullion series will feature the virtues that her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, set out to embody as she succeeded to the throne in 1952. The virtues that the Queen has embodied have undoubtedly contributed to her immense success as the fourth longest-reigning monarch of all time. This brilliant, uncirculated, 1 oz silver coin of 999 purity display the first virtue: Victory, and is the first release in a highly anticipated six-coin series.


  • Ships individually in a plastic sleeve; Multiples of 20 ship in a tube
  • Consisting of 1 oz of 999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Features a depiction of a winged goddess Victoria holding the Victors Palm in her left hand and raising her right arm, in the background, there are intricate repeating patterns along with the words “VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY”
  • Reverse: Features the engraving of an effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Raphael Maklouf

Adorning the reverse side is the ancient Roman Goddess, and the human embodiment of Victory is the depiction of a Winged Victoria. The image has been rendered with exquisite attention to detail and an intricate maze patterned background. The legend, "Victory through harmony," serves as a reminder of the British Monarchy's ideals.

The obverse side displays a younger Queen Elizabeth II effigy, once again over a maze patterned background. The Queen's title, in addition to other coin specifics, encapsulates the effigy.

As the kick starter to a brand-new bullion series, these coins are highly coveted and a welcomed addition to any stack. Fortify your holdings today with a few 1 oz 2021 Saint Helena | The Queen's Virtues: Victory | Silver Coins!

The tiny, isolated Island of Saint Helena is an unlikely candidate as one of the most significant and influential nations in terms of global trade. Yet, when one looks back and examines our collective history, St. Helena repeatedly comes up as an integral component to global trade and commerce. The Island, which spans an area of mere 17 kilometers in length by 10 kilometers in breadth, was seen as an oasis by explorers and conquerors such as the Dutch, Portuguese, and English, all vying for control of the crucial port of call. By 1658 the British claimed the Island for themselves by making it a fortress and a hub for lucrative expeditions to India, China, and the rest of the eastern world. The company reached unprecedented heights of success, accounting for half of the world’s trade, establishing a monopoly in cotton, silk, salt, spices and tea, among many others, contributing to the vast and enormous wealth of the British empire. The Island, which remains a British colony to this day, was a vital component in the rise of the British empire.

Brilliant Uncirculated
Saint Helena
East India Company
The effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.
Winged Victoria with her hand raised in triumph.
1 oz