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Enjoy the lowest price online, when you order your 1 oz 2018 Britannia gold coin from our store today. Britannia coins are amongst the most collectible bullion coins on the world market and offer a shining example of British Royal Mint quality, from their detailed engraving down to their enduring strength and lustre.

The reverse of the coin is graced by the time honoured design of beautiful Britannia, as she steels herself against a roaring gale with trident, shield and olive branch fast in her hands: she is and will remain a powerful symbol of Britain’s integrity and strength. A star-burst field of textured radial lines creates lustre and doubles as a security feature on the reverse, while the frame provides all the necessary details of weight, purity, title and year of release.

The 2018 Britannia coin marks the first release of the Royal Mint’s eye catching guilloche field design on the obverse, together with a striking and detailed portrait of Elizabeth II. Also on the obverse, you’ll find Elizabeth II’s formal title and the denominational value of the coin.

The figure of Britannia was brought to life by the designer of the 1987 Britannia coin, Sculptor Phillip Nathan, who saw her as an archetypal icon, capable of moving and changing with the times. Celebrate the steadfast spirit of Britain and diversify your portfolio by purchasing your 1 oz 2018 Britannia gold coin today.


The Royal Mint is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed mints in the world with a history of over 1100 years. The Royal Mint produces original coin collections, investment-grade bullion, as well as currency for over 60 countries including the United Kingdom. Popular series from The Royal Mint include the Britannia, Queen’s Beasts, British Music Legends, and Myths and Legends.

Multiples of 10 will ship in original mint tubes.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United Kingdom
Royal Mint
GBP 100
Phillip Nathan (reverse) Jodi Clark (obverse)
Ian Rank-Broadley Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "Elizabeth II DG Reg Fid Def 100 Pounds"
A Standing Britannia with shield, trident and olive branch and the words "Britannia 2018 1 oz 999.9 Fine Gold"
1 oz