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The Trivium Girls is the latest embodiment of the idea that we can all free ourselves from the debt and death paradigm. The Trivium is the basis for all individuals to free themselves of collective manipulation or toxic thoughts that hold them back from their destiny.

The basis for freeing your mind is the Trivium of Grammar (Observation), Logic and Rhetoric.

Lady Grammar, on the left, listens to all and follows none as she searches for truth. Grammar (Observation) is the rational and unemotional observation of symbols, situations or facts allows truth to be observed.

Lady Logic, in the middle, uses her mind to process this information that is to free her from the mental and physical shackles. Logic is processing the current set of facts and logically thinking about what will be the logical consequences of, or the best course of action in light of the observation.

Lady Rhetoric, on the right, is totally free and heralds a new consciousness to the world, free of fear and ignorance. Rhetoric is the ability to tell either yourself or others of your observation and your line of thinking.

The positive and inspirational message portrayed by this round would make a memorable way to "Wake Up" friends or family members who are still asleep.

In multiples of 20 these rounds will be shipped in a plastic tube.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
Silver Shield
Heidi Wastweet
Trivium girls in various poses and the words "Listen to All Follow None Trivium"
The Silver Shield logo with the trivium in the centre encircled by the words "Silver Shield 1 Troy Ounce 2015 .999 Pure AG" surrounded by 47 bullets
1 oz