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This is the first silver coin brought to life by a partnership between the Scottsdale Mint and the Republic of Congo!

Featuring the silverback gorilla, this proof-like coin has a limited mintage of only 50000.

The silverback is the leader of a troop of gorillas, so named for the grey hair on their back. They are typically at least 12 years old, and are the unquestioned source of authority for the troop. They make all decisions, lead the troop to feeding grounds and protect the females and their young.

This coin is a perfect addition to a wildlife or African themed collection, order yours today.

This coin comes in a coin capsule. Multiples of 5 are shipped on a sealed sheet.

Brilliant Uncirculated
Congo - Brazzaville
CFA 5000
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Congo and the words "Republique du Congo 5000 Francs CFA"
Roaring silverback gorilla and the words "Congo Silverback Gorilla 2015 1 oz 999 Silver"
1 oz