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The Standing Freedom silver round accentuates the message of Freedom begun with Freedom Girl and continued with the Sic Semper Tyrannis design. In this round Freedom is featured standing, much like she was in the Sic Semper Tyrannis round with flowing hair, a spear and the Trivium shield. Engraved at the top of the design is the simple word "Freedom'. A simple enough word, small and unassuming but with a meaning that defies the tyranny of the oppressor.

This round is carries a powerful message and a beautiful design. It is sure to be a collector must have.

In multiples of 20 these rounds will be shipped in a tube.

Lightly Used
United States
Silver Shield
Heidi Wastweet
Lady Freedom with flowing hair in a standing position with a trivium shield and the word "Freedom" above her
The revised Silver Shield logo with the trivium in the centre encircled by the words "Silver Shield 1 Troy ounce 2014 .999 Pure AG" surrounded by 47 bullets
1 oz