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The woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) is the only member of the deer family in which both males and females grow antlers. Scientists believe it is to help the caribou survive in some of the harshest and most isolated terrain in the world. Caribou live in Canada's most isolated terrain beyond the 49th parallel and are categorized into "ecotypes" based on adaptations they have developed by living in different habitats. The tundra ecotype caribou is the farthest-travelling land migrant on earth. They spend their winter in the boreal forest and migrate to the tundra north of the 55th parallel in the summer to calve. That is an incredible round trip of 6,000 km per year that perfectly illustrates boundless expanse of Canada.

The reverse was designed by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant and features a full colour caribou set against a mountain background with a colour hillside foreground. The obverse features the Susanna Blunt Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. This coin has a limited mintage of only 8,500 worldwide and is struck in 9999 pure silver and comes encased in a maroon clamshell. These coins make a great gift for both coin collectors and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Lightly Used
Royal Canadian Mint
CAD 20
Susanna Blunt (obverse), Trevor Tennant (reverse)
The words "Elizabeth II D.G. Regina Canada" and the Susanna Blunt Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II
A full colour Woodland Caribou set against a mountain background with a coloured hillside foreground
1 oz