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The sixth coin design by Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

Here is what the coin author Chris Duane has to say about the coin design and meaning:

"Love is the most powerful force out there and is the ultimate opposite consciousness solution to the Debt and Death paradigm.

Love is what breaks the scarcity mentality by charity.

Love is what breaks fear down by understanding.

Love is what heals the hurt with empathy.

I could think of nothing more loving than a picture that I have been carrying around for over a decade of the most peaceful and loving person I have ever met. Love does not stop there, it must resonate. Knowing that my consciousness did not become activated until I found out I was going to be a father, I thought that nothing represents true love more than a mother to be.

It is the culmination of two resonating beings and the creation of new life.

It is the unbreakable bond between mother and child.

It is passing along the energy and essence on to a new generation.

It is the uncertain anticipation of your life never being the same again.

It is the change of focus from you to something much greater.

It is the generational wealth that could lead us to living beyond our time here on earth.

The three hearts represents the past present and future love that passes through time. I find it amazing how we are directly affected at a very early age by people who were born 70 to 80 years before us, with major influences like our grandparents. By the time we are older we will have a direct influence on grand children and possibly great grand children 70 to 80 years from now. The pregnancy is the middle of this 150 year span of direct consciousness existence.

If one grasps the importance of our place in the greater picture, amazing things can happen.

We can stop the generational sins that have been unconsciously dumped upon us.

We can bring out the best in us and live life to our highest and nest self.

We can on a very direct and personal impact on those around us be the change we wish to see in the world.

I once again have to thank and marvel at the incredible talent of Heidi Wastweet. I could only trust her to be able to sculpt this incredibly personal and delicate image. Her attention to detail from the heart the hands make and the wedding ring made for an incredible sculpt. Heidi finishes off this design with her initials HW on the hip of the skirt. I told her that was the best place for the initials, because she is such a hip artist to be able to do chaotic, hard and powerful sculpts like Warbird, but then switch gears to sculpt loving, soft and the power of Love."

In multiples of 20 these coins will be shipped in a plastic tube.

Lightly Used
United States
Silver Shield
Obverse by Heidi Wastweet
Love - 3 hearts - Pregnant woman resting her hands on her stomach forming a heart shape with her fingers.
1 oz - .999 Fine Ag - Listen to All - Follow None - Shield - 2013 - Pattern of 47 bullets - Silver - Bullet - Silver - Shield - To Collectivist Problems - A Conscious Solution - Trivium symbol - Key - Arrow - 5 exploding line
1 oz