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The design focuses on the truth of the right to defend oneself being inextricably linked to freedom and the phrase "Moson Labe" - (or "Come and Take Them" in English) captured that idea perfectly. The phrase is thought to originally to have been the defiant response of King Leonidis I of Sparta when under attack by the Persians in 480 B.C.

The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Reverse has the resonating phrases of "A Conscious Solution to Collectivist Problems" and "Listen To All Follow None". These phrases boldly empower the individual to see that we are the solution. We do not have to change the world to make ourselves free. We simply need to change ourselves to make our world free.

The 47 bullets represent the atomic number of silver and the shield adds the powerful concept of the Trivium. The Trivium breaks the two step, input output, slave thought process of our indoctrination. The Trivium is using Grammar to interpret words, symbols, or ideas. Logic gives the individual the power to ask questions like why are they being presented this information? To whom does this benefit? And what is the most likely outcome of what they are observing? Finally Rhetoric is the ability to transmit their logic to others and the ability to defend or amend their conclusions.

The Trivium is represented by the ellipses that were formed in the original Trivium coin and the three symbols at the top of the Shield. The Key represents the ability to use grammar to unlock the meaning of what your are observing. The Arrow represents Logic. In mathematics the arrow is used to imply if... then scenarios. The 5 exploding lines represent Rhetoric and the ability to speak out about your conclusions.

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Lightly Used
United States
Silver Shield
Obverse by Heidi Wastweet
Come and take them - Molon labe (Greek: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ - meaning "Come and take it") - 47 bullets around a scope cross-hairs - 2 crossed semi-automatic rifles above 2 crossed semi-automatic pistols
1 oz - .999 Fine Ag - Listen to All - Follow None - Shield - 2013 - Pattern of 47 bullets - Silver - Bullet - Silver - Shield - To Collectivist Problems - A Conscious Solution - Trivium symbol - Key - Arrow - 5 exploding line
1 oz