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This beautiful proof coin must be one of the finest ship-themed coin ever produced. The Sea Venture was built in 1609 at a cost of £1500 as the first-ever purpose designed ship to bring emigrants to the New World. The ship's owner, the London Company had established a settlement in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and needed a larger ship to deliver colonists to the settlement. The settlers would be carried one way, and then the ship would be laden with commodities (as payment for the settlers voyage over) for the return trip to London. Unfortunately, the Sea Venture set sail on her maidan voyage before her timbers had set. When the Sea Venture hit rough weather the caulking popped out and the ship rapidly took on water. Fortunately, land was spotted the next day and the ship was deliberately run aground on a reef allowing all 150 on board to escape with their lives.

The obverse of this round features an effigy of Queen Eliabeth II as executed by Raphael Maklouf.

The reverse of this round features a magnificent view of the Sea Venture at sail on calm waters. The face value of $25 Bermuda dollars equals $25 USD as the Bermuda dollar is pegged to the UD dollar.

This collector's item is very rare to find with it's original box and certificate of authenticity, and the limited mintage of 15,000 means that there will always be a demand for this piece.

This coin comes in it's original display box with a certificate of authenticity.

Lightly Used
BMD 25
Raphael Maklouf Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "'Elizabeth II Bermuda"
A depiction of the Sea Venture on the open sea and the words "Twenty-Five Dollars .999 One Ounce Palladium Sea Venture 1609"
1 oz