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You will enjoy the lowest price available when you purchase your 1 kg | kilo 2015 In the Eyes of the Cougar PF70 Ultra Cameo Silver Coin from our online store!

Few stares in the wilderness illicit the response that a cougar would when encountered. A focused, unwavering, and menacing glare are all characteristics of apex predators, and the cougar is no exception. The Royal Canadian Mint commemorates the cougar's mesmerizing gaze on this 1 kilogram, 9999 pure coins which will yield 32.15 troy ounces of silver to your holdings! This ultra-cameo PF70 coin was designed with artistry and meticulous attention to detail in mind, upholding the high standards of one of the most reputable mints in the world. This item comes complete with mint issued coin capsule, and is one of a mere 500 coins ever produced!

The reverse brings Canadian artist Glen Loates portrait of a wild cougar alive, with the use of skillful engraving and etching, with the captivating and intimidating stare enhanced with the use of turquoise-colored enamel. The prolific predator's gaze remains centered, hypnotically transfixing all who lock gazes with it, as the image is laid over a blank, proof coin field. The nation of issue serves as the legend of the coin, with the artist's initials also included.

On the obverse side is Susanna Blunt's contemporary effigy of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, over a blank coin field, with a proof finish applied. The Queen's image is encapsulated by the coin's $250 denominational value, her title, and the year of issue.

As a true collector's item, this captivating coin is an excellent addition to the holdings, for its precious metal content, unparalleled design, and low mintage figures. Add a 1 kg | kilo 2015 In the Eyes of the Cougar PF70 Ultra Cameo Silver Coin to your cart right now!

This coin comes complete with a mint issued coin capsule.

Brilliant Uncirculated
Royal Canadian Mint
CAD 250
Susanna Blunt (Obverse), Glen Loates (Reverse)
Susanna Blunt's contemporary effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.
Canadian artist, Glen Loates portrait of a cougar in the wilderness.
1 kilogram