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This coin is exceptionally thick, and is perfect for Canadiana-themed collections.

The Maple Leaf has been the symbol of Canada since its founding. But there are many species of maple, making it as diverse as the people it represents. This beautiful silver coin pays tribute to one of the many species native to Canada, the silver maple (Acer saccharinum).

The reverse of this coin was designed by Canadian artist Stan Witten and depicts three silver maple leaves. With their edges slightly furled, these leaves evoke images of leaves gently falling in the Canadian autumn. The largest leaf lies on its side, its long petiole touching those of the other two leaves. In the foreground, one of the smaller leaves rests over top the bottom left lobe of the large leaf. The large leaf's bottom right lobe overlaps a third leaf behind it, all lending depth and gentle grace to the scene. Beautiful engraving adds detail and depth to the image by highlighting the deeply cut veins and serrated leaf margins. The words "Canada 2016 Fine Silver 1 1/2 oz Pur Argent" and the artist's initials encircle the leaves.

This 9999 pure silver coin has radial lines on the obverse and reverse as both a design element and a security feature. It makes a perfect addition to any nature-themed or silver maple leaf collection.

In multiples of 15 these coins will be shipped in a plastic tube, while in multiples of 300 these coins will be shipped in a monster box.

Lightly Used
Royal Canadian Mint
Susanna Blunt (obverse), Stan Witten (reverse)
The words "Elizabeth II D.G. Regina 8 Dollars" and the Susanna Blunt Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II
Three maple leaves on the same branch and the words "Canada 2016 Fine Silver 1 1/2 oz Argent Pur" and the artist's initials
1.5 oz