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The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is one of the purest regular-issue gold coins in the world. It is the official gold coin of Canada and is minted with gold sourced exclusively from Canadian mines.

Since its introduction by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1979 this annual series has featured a similar design, although some special issues include colour, privy marks or other flourishes. The globally-familiar Canadian maple leaf emblem is showcased on the reverse of this gold bullion coin and the obverse features the most recent official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

With guaranteed purity of 9999 fineness and guaranteed weight of 1/20 troy ounce, you are assured of holding a real asset that will protect your wealth. New for 2015, the Gold Maple Leaf also adds the industry leading security feature of light-diffracting radial lines. The Royal Canadian Mint is the world's largest gold refiner, and the gold maple leaf is recognized world-wide as a highly sought after investment.

Fractional sized 1/20 oz Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins give you added liquidity options compared to 1 oz coins, and are in stock and ready to be shipped to you immediately. A 1/20 oz Gold Maple Leaf coin is a timeless gift, a smart investment and a mark of true national pride.

All modern Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, including the 2015 issue, are guaranteed 9999 fineness. Those issued from 1979-83, however, were only graded to 999.

Lightly Used
Royal Canadian Mint
Susanna Blunt (obverse)
Queen Elizabeth II
Maple Leaf
1/20 oz