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We'll offer you the lowest price on the internet when you order your 1/2 oz Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet silver round from our online store today.

Monarch Precious Metals is acclaimed for their artfully unique skill in silver minting, evident in this offering, featuring the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet.


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 1/2 oz of 999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Features a depiction of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet sitting on a throne and holding a staff, an ankh symbol along with multiple hieroglyphs
  • Reverse: Features a depiction of the goddess Bastet in cat-form, multiple hieroglyphs along with the metal type, weight and purity

The obverse feature is an exquisite rendering of the Goddess Bastet, just as she may have appeared in a temple relief, this high relief design is surrounded by a decorative border and complemented by a field of hieroglyphic designs and breathtaking, “antique' texturing. This magnificent spectacle is uninterrupted by other stamps or values so that the coin's obverse could easily pass for an example of coinage from millennia gone by.

The reverse feature, which has also been given the “antiquing” treatment, is the Goddess Bastet in feline form, shown within a decorative border and upon a field of hieroglyphic design. This imagery is joined by details of only the coin's metal content, weight and purity.

Various techniques have been employed to give this round the look of a relic of ancient Egyptian token, such as an antique patina and anti-polish, not to mention the painstaking high-relief process employed by Monarch Precious Metals. Celebrate the rich symbolism of ancient Egypt and fortify your holdings with a 1/2 oz Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet silver round today!


Monarch Precious Metals is a privately held company headquartered in Medford, OR that was established in 2008 in response to the increasing demand for gold and silver bullion. The gold and silver that are used to produce Monarch’s bars and rounds are 999+ fine.

Brilliant Uncirculated
United States
Monarch Precious Metals
The goddess Bastet in human form as found in hieroglyphs.
Bastet in feline form along with the coins weight and purity.
1/2 oz