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This stunning 1/2 oz Gold Round features immaculate artistic renderings of the Korean or Siberian Tiger, one of the world's most endangered big cat species. Remember the Korean Tiger in his prime and diversify your holdings with a 1/2 oz 2017 South Korean Tiger gold round today!


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 1/2 oz of 9999 Fine Gold
  • Obverse: Features a marvellously detailed rendering of a Korean Tiger roaring along with the weight, date of issue and "KOREAN TIGER" inscriptions
  • Reverse: Features the Korean map assembled from letters of the Korean alphabet, national emblem, and metal weight, type, and purity

This exquisite series saw its inception in 2016 and features immaculate artistic renderings of one of the world's most endangered big cat species, the Korean or Siberian Tiger.

The South Korean or Siberian Tiger is the largest cat in the world, growing up to an average of 11 feet long. They reside in a small region in the southeast area of Russia, and are also located in small numbers in China and North Korea. Despite being called the South Korean Tiger, the bamboo forests of Korea are no longer home to this majestic predator. Korean legend says that the last Korean Tiger was seen and hunted on Mount Daeduk in Gyeonju in 1922. It is believed that only 400 of the species remain, in the far eastern parts of Russia and Siberia.

Brilliant Uncirculated
South Korea
A close up of a tiger roaring, as well as the year, title, and troy ounce weight of the round.
Letters of the Korean alphabet, arranged in the shape of the Korean map.
1/2 oz