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Philharmonic is an adjective used to describe one's love of music, and this coin is aptly named. The Vianna Orchestra of Austria is globally renowned as one of the world's foremost orchestra's and comprises dedicated experts of their craft. Likewise, the Austrian Mint, which has been in operation since 1194, has mastered the art of minting bullion productions. Renowned for its exquisite beauty, the Philharmonic is routinely among the most sought-after bullion coins to date and has been since its inception in 1989. With a 9999 or 24 karat metal purity, the coins wider, 40-millimetre diameter serves as an excellent canvas for the expertly engraved images. With mintage figures rarely exceeding 600,000 coins, there are always more seekers of this coin than actual owners!


  • Ships individually in protective packaging
  • Consisting of 1/10 oz of 9999 Fine Gold
  • Obverse: Features a depiction of the Great Pipe Organ of Vienna's Gold Concert Hall, and the inscriptions in German language of the country's name, year of release, metal weight, type and purity along with the legal tender value of the coin
  • Reverse: Features the engraving of multiple musical instruments and the name of the Vienna Philharmonics in German

With a larger surface area, the beauty, elegance, sophistication, and grandeur of the hall are remarkably conveyed using subtle and elegant etching and crisp, sharp, and vivid lines. The depiction of the Musikverein, "The Golden Hall," and the home of the Austrian Philharmonic, Europe's premiere, and elite orchestra shines brightly on the obverse.

The reverse illustrates the orchestra's main instruments, a bassoon, cello, violin, harp, and Vienna horn. The array of instruments is appropriately laid over a blank coin field, with the orchestra's title, in German, as the coin's legend.

As an international powerhouse, the Philharmonic is a sound option for investment as a beginner or a seasoned stacker.

Add an elegant 1/10 oz Random Year Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin to your holdings today!


Internationally renowned for its know-how in precious metal processing and coin production, the Austrian Mint is a global player in the international minting industry. The Austrian Mint ranks among leading global mints and produces some of the world’s best-selling bullion coins along with a range of collector items. With more than 825 years of coin-making experience, since 1988 the Austrian Mint has operated as a private company and is the sole manufacturer of coins in Austria. Owned in its entirety by the Austrian National Bank, the Austrian mint combines centuries of craftsmanship tradition with some of the world’s leading coin-making technologies, much of it developed and innovated by their unique numismatic experts.

These coins are discounted as they may be tarnished, scratched, or visibly handled. Weight and purity are guaranteed but year and condition are subject to availability. Each issue maintains a similar, but not always identical, design on both the obverse and reverse.

Lightly Used
Austrian Mint
EUR 10
Musical Instruments
Organ from Vienna Golden Concert Hall
1/10 oz